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  • CVA-H005
  • CVA-H005
  • CVA-H005
Product name : CVA-H005
Product Parameter : 
1. No compression no delay time distribution of output HD;
2. The famous SGM semiconductor professional video amplifier IC chip design;
3. Compatible with AHD/CVI/TVI/analog video;
4. Professional broadcast class standards;
5. DC 12V power supply high stability;
6. Processing technique of video signal the iage signal stable picture;
7. Without the software settings support plug and play function;
8. Type design convenient for users to install and use;
9. The output range of up to 1200 meters no signal attenuation.
Product Description

This video amplifier amplify video signals to thousands times and extend distance to 1.2KM during  coaxial cable transmission. The device is to converter the video signals to RF signals at the beginning of transmission, then the video signals transmitted will be kept true, stable, and without distortion. It helps effectively solve the problems of image floating, Flickering, distortion, reticulation, crosswalk, snowflakes, image noise, etc.


Model No. CVA-H005
Item name AHD/TVI/CVI coaxial video amplifier
Compatible mode AHD/TVI/CVI/analog video
Cable type SYV75-5-1(coaxial cable)
Interface BNC port
Power supply input DC 12V 1A
Transmission distance Up to 1200m
Operating temperature -40°C-60°C
Shell material High quality metal materials
Product weight 106g/pc
Product size 86*63*23mm/pc



1. Elevator video signal transmission.
2. Around electric motors which often cause video signal interference due to high level AC or DC noise spikes.
3. Cameras located next to high voltage electrical system can cause serious video signal interference.
4. In production areas where RF noise from conveyor belt motors and HVAC systems often cause severe interference to video system.
5. Cameras located near launch towers that often cause video signal interference.
6. System co-located to Frequency Conversion Equipment that cause video signal interference.
7. Other strong interference environments where video signal interference occurs.


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