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  • CVE-003
  • CVE-003
  • CVE-003
Product name : CVE-003
Product Parameter : 
Frequency-shift Type Video Anti-interference Device
1. Keep video signals from external electromagnetic interference by adjusting signal frequencies;
2. High level of integration small in size;
3. SMT Integrated Circuit low power consumption uses 12V power supply as cameras do;
4. Aluminum Alloy Shell durable and good at heat dissipation;
5. Lengthen the transmission distance up to 1km.
Product Description

This kind of product applies to elevators, hospitals, an intersection, factories etc. avoiding any interference to the process of monitoring the image from any kind of furious electromagnetic signal and electric waves signal.
When you using this kind of product, you can restrain the interference effectively and you can solve the problems about the jiggle, the swirl, the ripple with the images. To ensure the stability of the signals 'transmitting quality in the bad environment, and increasing the distance of the images transmitting.


Technical Parameters:


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